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Arthur W. Pierson, owner of Pierson Photography, grew up on Long Island and studied art at a community college in upstate New York. He then continued his education at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelor of Science at the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. After graduation, he located in the Northern Virginia area where he interned for two years with a wide variety of photographers.

In 1985 Mr. Pierson created Pierson Photography and has been involved in photographic projects throughout the United States ever since. In 2014, Mr. Pierson relocated to Delaware County, New York.

This award-winning photographer has received numerous commendations, including the Golden Mirror Award, Virginia Press Association citations, McGraw-Hill Readership Survey Award, and Award of Merit from the Society for Technical Communication, Presidential citation from Collingwood Library and Museum and many other plaque and certificates.

Arthur Pierson

Published Writings
Photographing Freemasonry by Arthur Pierson. Photographing Freemasonry
The Gilbert Stuart Portrait of George Washington at Fredericksburg Lodge #4 by Arthur Pierson. Photographing Freemasonry

Pierson Photography
Hancock, New York

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